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  • Day 1:  The First Crucial Step to Maximizing Your Driving Experience
  • Day 2:  Building Your Performance Platform - Part 1
  • Day 3:  Building Your Performance Platform - Part 2
  • ​Day 4:  Dialing in Your Car For Maximum Performance
  • ​Day 5:  Refining Your Driving Techniques & Track Prep Tips

About Your Transform Your Driving Experience Host, Kenny Brown

Kenny Brown
Kenny Brown, founder and visionary of Kenny Brown Performance Group, is a highly respected innovator in the automotive industry, building premium high-performance street cars, track cars and racecars for over 40 years.
For the past 30 years, Kenny has been the driving force and genius behind engineering numerous innovative new products in the performance aftermarket for late model Mustangs, as well as a mentor and leader in driver development, team coaching and developing professional race teams.
Aside from Kenny’s passion for building great cars and professional motorsports, he also enjoys sharing his many years of experience coaching and teaching serious performance car enthusiasts how to transform their driving experience.
There are very few in the car industry with Kenny’s depth of knowledge and broadness of experience, let alone willing to share that knowledge to help others. Kenny feels that if he can help just one person from making a mistake he made in the distant past, it is well worth it. Working with Kenny is like Having A Pro in Your Pocket

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